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Brighton Center for Recovery has been helping individuals overcome their drug and alcohol addictions since 1950. Through our innovative and successful rehab programs, we have helped thousands of patients to go on to live clean and sober lives. Brighton Center for Recovery is the second-oldest alcohol and drug treatment facility in the country and the first to be licensed in Michigan. We are a national leader in addiction treatment.

We cannot think of a better way to show you the changes that we make every day in people’s lives then to let you hear it for yourself straight from them. Please take a moment to view these videos and see how you too can be on the path to becoming “Clean & Sober”.

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A Brighton Center for Recovery patient shares her story of alcohol addiction and the steps it took to help her achieve sobriety.
Rudy, a former patient, describes how life can get better once on the road to addiction recovery.

A patient talks about his life before Brighton, how his addiction affected his family and friends and his subsequent intervention.
Not ready to return to his previous environment, a Brighton patient explains how his stay at the Henderson House assisted in his recovery process.
Hesitant at first, a young patient tells how the staff at Brighton helped him to feel comfortable enough to share his story. Once able to open up, it allowed him to start on the road to recovery.
A patient expresses his feelings of helplessness and shame that were brought on by alcoholism. He credits the entire staff at Brighton for helping him to work on changing his life and feeling better.
A recovered crack addict speaks of how his life was crippled by his addiction and how Brighton helped him to both stop using and learn to function again.
A patient describes how her addiction destroyed her finances and personal relationships and how Brighton helped her to repair these aspects of her life.
Dr. Mark Menestrina takes a tour of Brighton Center for Recovery in his smart car. He discusses his own recovery as well as the positive attributions that Brighton has to offer its patients.
A patient speaks of his feelings of hopelessness and how he thought he was never good at anything in life. He explains that with help from the people at Brighton he now has faith that he is destined for a better future.

After his retirement, this Brighton patient found that his drinking had become uncontrollable. Through an intervention and treatment at Brighton Center for Recovery, he was able to acquire the tools he needed to get sober.
A patient talks of how her crack addiction threatened her career as a physical therapist and how she self reported her addiction to the Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP). She speaks of how Brighton was able to help her mend relationships and get to a better place in life.
An attorney discusses how Brighton helped him to overcome his addiction to alcohol and maintain sobriety for over 30 years.
Walter, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselor, talks of how the program can benefit both workers with substance abuse issues as well as their employers.

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