Why Brighton Center for Recovery

Kay L.

“I was in and out of recovery for 25 years. I stayed sober for two years before it escalated again. My husband said he’d stay with me on the condition that I enter an inpatient program. The staff at Brighton Center for Recovery helped me with my self esteem. With their help, I realized that I’m not a bad person and don’t need to feel ashamed.”

“My depression is now under control, which is something I struggled with for years. The staff adjusted my meds and I don’t have urges now. Before my treatment I was very isolated. Now I’m able to reach out to people more often for help when I need it. My family also got a lot out of the counseling. The other night over dinner my nine-year-old said ‘it’s so peaceful at home now, mom.’ I wish I had entered Brighton Center for Recovery for treatment a long time ago. Today I’m looking at never drinking again, one day at a time.”

The fight against drug and alcohol addiction is a life long battle. It takes, work, support and determination. However, the reward of living a clean and healthy life style is worth all the effort it takes to remain sober. As Kay mentioned, it was not just her life that was affected by her addiction. Her husband and son felt the affects too. Her struggles through the years shaped her family’s lives as well.  Now that Kay is in recovery, her entire family can share in her happiness and be proud of what she has accomplished.  That is what we do at Brighton Center for Recovery. We give hope back to families that need it.