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Employee Assistance Program

How an Employee Assistance Program and Brighton Can Help With Employee Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse negatively affects the workplace. In addition to lowered production and increased absenteeism, there is also the risk of accidents and even death due to negligence caused by substance abuse. An employee assistance program (EAP) or employee service support program (ESSP) is implemented to assist individuals that are dealing with drug and substance abuse. It also serves to help with other personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health and well-being. EAP counselors typically provide assessment and support for substance abuse. If needed, they can refer a patient to an addiction facility such as Brighton Center for Recovery for more intensive substance abuse treatment. Brighton Center for Recovery has established partnerships with a number of EAP and ESSP representatives for employee substance abuse referrals. EAP and ESSP service is usually free to employees and household members, having been pre-paid by the employer, and can offer considerable help with employee drug abuse assessments and referrals for employee rehab.  “I saw a way to improve the referral experience through the establishment of a partnership between the employee assistance program representatives, the person being referred, and Brighton Center for Recovery” says Larry Grezak, EAP and ESSP liasion.  Larry and Brighton Center for Recovery feel that employer benefits like these are particularly important in Michigan today because workplace challenges, caused by downsizing and layoffs, may be leading to employee substance abuse.

Steve Anderson, a former UAW employee assistance program representative for the last nine years of his 34 year employment at Detroit Diesel, and in recovery himself for 29 years, is quite familiar with Brighton and brings a unique perspective to his work with employee drug abuse referrals.  “It is so important that we at Brighton work together”, he says, “the staff at Brighton need to know as much as possible about the person being referred, and when he or she is at Brighton, it is equally important that information be communicated back to the EAP representative concerning their referral.”

For more information on how an EAP and ESSP can help with employee substance abuse problems, call Steve Anderson at 810-355-6217 or e-mail sanderson@brightonhospital.org. Steve works with EAPs and ESSPs in the Metro Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Flint areas of Michigan as well as surrounding areas inside and outside of MI, such as Grand Rapids, Toledo and Chicago. He spends his time introducing assistance program representatives to Brighton’s drug and substance abuse treatment services and following up with employee rehab referrals.